The Paris Housekeeper by Ryan

The Paris Housekeeper by Ryan

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From the author of The Secret Society of Salzburg comes a riveting World War II novel of the heroism of a young Paris housekeeper who makes a gut-wrenching bargain to save the Jews hiding in her Nazi employer’s basement.



Paris, 1940


German tanks rumble through the streets of Paris, forcing frightened citizens to flee. But not everyone has the luxury to leave. Camille Lacroix, a chambermaid at the world-famous Hotel Ritz, must stay to support her family back home in Brittany. Desperate to earn money, Camille also acts as a lady’s maid for longtime guest Vivian Miller, a glamorous American widow—and a Nazi sympathizer.


Despite her distrust of the woman, Camille desperately turns to Vivian when her friend and fellow hotel maid Rachel Berman needs help getting out of Paris. It’s then that Camille discovers that Vivian is not what she seems…. The American has been using her wealth and connections to secretly obtain travel papers for Jewish refugees.


Hiding in an underground bunker under a Nazi’s nose, a daring escape plan is hatched. But as the net grows tighter, and the Germans more ruthless, Camille’s courage will be tested to the extreme…