Vodka Cocktail Cards A-Z Deck

Vodka Cocktail Cards A-Z Deck

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Make simple and easy cocktails with this comprehensive deck full of recipe cards for classic and innovative vodka drinks!

Drink your way through the alphabet with the Vodka Cocktail Cards A–Z! This easy-to-navigate alphabetical guide to vodka cocktails offers 75 recipes as well as a bartending basics booklet so you won’t have to worry about figuring out what glass to use, how to mix, and so many more tips and tricks to becoming a home mixologist. In each cocktail, vodka is the star, and every card has a full-color photo to show you what your drink will look like.

Vodka Cocktail Cards A–Z includes recipes for:
-Chocolate martini
-Frozen berry sangria
-Love potion
-Vodka gimlet
-And more!

Work your way through every vodka cocktail you can imagine with this fun—and functional—cocktail card deck.