Silver Linings by Woodcock

Silver Linings by Woodcock

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Pip and Parker are best friends who do everything together. When Pip makes a mistake, Parker is always there to see the bright side. But what happens when Parker needs a little encouragement, too? Perfect for story time and bedtime sharing, Silver Linings is a funny picture book about friendship, resilience, and staying positive in the face of adversity, from acclaimed author-artist Fiona Woodcock. A great choice for readers who enjoyed Patrice Karst’s The Invisible String and Peter H. Reynolds’s Ish

Pip and Parker live next door to each other and are such good friends that sometimes they don’t even need words to communicate. If something goes wrong, Parker (who always looks on the bright side) helps Pip see the silver lining.

When the clouds roll in, Pip sees a day spoiled by rain, but Parker sees a chance to play a fun cloud guessing game! When Pip accidentally drops her sweet strawberry snack into her lemonade, she’s certain disaster has struck. But Parker finds a reason to celebrate their unexpected pink lemonade! But what will happen when Parker makes a mistake and feels blue? Can Pip cheer him up and show him the silver lining?

Acclaimed author-illustrator Fiona Woodcock’s emotionally rich illustrations accompany her imaginative celebration of friendship, positivity, and loyalty. A great read aloud, Silver Linings is a must-have for bedtime, story time, and classrooms. A wonderful choice for social and emotional learning that celebrates the importance of empathy and staying positive.